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From 19th century steam engineering to today's pioneering A.I. research, the story of Stevens is shaped by scores of colorful characters and extraordinary demonstrations of ingenuity. 

Costumed duck named Attila, Stevens' longtime mascot

Hatching Attila the Duck

While Attila the Duck is well known as the Stevens mascot, few know the story of its origin.

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View of Castle Point from the Hudson River

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Stevens' First Woman Graduate

Lenore Schupak '74 was 16 when she enrolled at Stevens in 1971. Three years later, she became the first woman to receive an undergraduate degree from the university.

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Women at Stevens: Breaking the Mold

The number of women at Stevens is steadily increasing, both in student enrollments and in the highest levels of the university’s teaching and research mission.

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Marques Brownlee

MKBHD's Tech Review Empire

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Riverside fireworks show at a Stevens fundraising event

The Power of Stevens

The Power of Stevens campaign aims to propel the university forward, emphasizing student success, faculty excellence and a vibrant campus.

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Sean Hanlon

Hanlon Financial Systems Center

Sean Hanlon ’80 once said Stevens was “a $25 stock headed to $100.” He now says $500. One reason: the state-of-the-art financial analytics labs that bear his name.

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Stevens' First African-American Graduate

In 1924, Randolph Montrose Smith became Stevens' first African-American graduate. He worked as a civil engineer for Manhattan's metropolitan subway system.

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